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The Class Of 2020


This is graduation week at our house. Not only do we have a graduate of our own, Autumn, but we have many friends celebrating High School and College graduations as well. As communities and families try to make these accomplishments as special as possible, the ceremonies and celebrations will be as varied as the schools and students themselves. I doubt that any of these graduates or their families will ever forget the being a part of The Class of 2020.

As we finish up this school year and look to the next one, school districts around the 35th LD are looking at record budget shortfalls at a time when we disparately need more investment in our schools. Once again, the way we fund our schools comes into question. We desperately need to find a solution that fully funds our education system with revenue streams that are both sustainable and equitably sourced. 

Equally as important as the financial difficulties is the question of what is school going to look like in the fall. There are several possibilities such as a continuation of distance learning, or on campus learning with distancing protocols and altered schedules or perhaps a combination of the two. Planning is well underway in our local districts and with administrators, health officials, educators, community members, parents and students all at the planning table. This inclusive approach will bring about the best results for our students, faculty, staff and community.

In this time when our country is in turmoil, let’s stop and take just a minute to recognize our graduates and their families for making it to this finish line and then let’s get their help in making a bright future for us all.

Carpe Diem,


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