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School Days

While Team Darcy has been doing community outreach, one of the top issues concerning people is school reopening and what learning will look like this fall. 

The 35th Legislative District has students in 18 different school districts. Similar to the state's county-by-county phased approached to reopening, each local health department and school district will decide if and how they will allow students back into the classroom.  My team has created a page on our website to help you follow your district's reopening plan and the resources available for this fall. These links will take you to websites updated by our school districts. If you have any additional links or resources that you think would benefit families in the 35th, please email them to me and we will post them on this page. 

There is no question that in-person learning is best for both students and educators. However, the reality is that we have not been able to contain the spread of this virus, which means that we cannot guarantee the health and safety of our students, educators, families, and communities.

Instead most of our districts are preparing for quality distance learning and developing plans for the fall that address racial, social, and economic justice so that all students and their families have the tools and support they need to learn. Yesterday plans were announced to use part of the funds from the federal CARES act to help low income families obtain internet plans and address other technology needs. These funds will be administered by the OSPI. We will add the link to our Education Page with information regarding this program as soon as it is available. 

High quality distance learning can exist, but we need the resources.  I look forward to working on developing solutions for our families and communities to ensure that education remains a state priority!

Thanks for your primary support and votes. As we push onward to November, we will continue to talk with voters every day to help address their issues and earn their votes. 


P.S. Yes, that is my kid, Cam, in the picture. He's directing traffic in front of his school in 2010. What's one of your favorite school pictures?

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