• darcyinolympia

I Stand with Carolina

Hi Friends,  Recently, well known Republican operatives in Thurston County have engaged in an unfounded campaign, attempting to discredit Thurston County Commissioner Candidate Carolina Mejia, by questioning her citizenship, and therefore her eligibility to hold public office. Carolina is a naturalized citizen and has served her community for nearly a decade as a volunteer with OneAmerica, Centro de la Raza, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, and Centro Integral Educativo Latino de Olympia (CEILO). These allegations are not only false, but more importantly they are dangerous. This smear campaign has now led to individuals sharing Carolina’s social security number, home address, and parents’ address online in an obvious attempt to intimidate her into withdrawing from her race. Carolina has contacted the relevant authorities to alert them to this potentially criminal behavior, such an outrageous attempt to defame Carolina and her service to her community demands swift and overwhelming condemnation. I am proud to call Carolina my friend. I have seen the results of her work in our community and I am personally outraged (yet sadly not surprised) at the action of these Republican operatives.   Hate has no place in our community, and I strongly condemn these atrocious allegations and subsequent actions to discredit Carolina. We can disagree on politics and policies, but we must stand collectively as one against blatant racism, xenophobia, sexism, and all forms of hate in our community. As I condemn these abhorrent actions, I am calling on my opponent, State Representative Drew MacEwen, as well as the other elected officials in his party, to do the same. To do less, is to agree with their tactics and admit that they too, are the problem. Make no mistake, Carolina and her campaign are not intimidated. She will not back down and in fact, this attack will only increase her resolve to win. Truth be told, it strengthens my resolve as well. I am mad as hell. The people in the 35th LD and Thurston County deserve better representation than complicit members of a party that thrives on intimidation and bullying women of color. They deserve elected officials that respect diversity, display common decency, and have ideas that move us forward. Carolina and I are those candidates. Please help us with a donation or volunteer hours if you can.

Don't let hate win.

Darcy Huffman Candidate for State Representative, 35th LD, Position 2 360-951-5037