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Enough with the Bullying

For the last several weeks I’ve been hearing about campaign signs

being vandalized and stolen throughout the

state. This happens every election cycle, but this year things have gotten out of control. A few days ago we experienced our own vandalism, with one of our large signs (as well as another candidate’s) being intentionally knocked down and several of our smaller signs being spray painted with foul language. I’m not sure what these people hope to accomplish, so it’s hard for me to understand why they would take the time to do this sort of thing. I’m certain no one is going to say “Gee, I’m not voting for Darcy Huffman because someone knocked her sign down, or spray painted #$%@ on her sign.” If it’s meant to intimidate me, they need to step up their game. I’ve been bullied by the best and they are way out of their league. It’s obvious that they don’t realize that this campaign is not about me, it

never has been. It’s always been about the people in the 35th. When they deface or take down campaign signs, they take away YOUR right to free speech, because you paid for those campaign signs through your contributions to our campaign and they disrespect our volunteers who work hours to assemble, put up, and maintain our signs. We've spent this entire campaign listening to the concerns of voters and advocating for the issues they care about in our community: healthcare, broadband and family-wage jobs. We are proud of our message because it is rooted in the connections we have made with the community and addresses their concerns. Our opponent is feeling threatened because we are a viable and legitimate ca

mpaign in this race. These attacks won't hurt our campaign, because we've spent the last 9 months doing the hard work, instead of taking corporate money and robocalling. Our base is strong because we are a grassroots and community-supported campaign with more than 500 donors and volunteers. We are backed by retirees, healthcare workers, school employees, union workers, veterans, and essential employees. We don't need to attack our opponent, his voting record speaks loudly enough. We are working tirelessly to connect with more voters to share our message with them. We are committed to fighting for family-wage jobs, available and affordable healthcare, a stronger economy, and broadband for all. We need your help to finish our campaign strong. Please consider a donation today.

Thanks for helping us Flip the 35th!

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