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In the past few days all our schools and many city offices, senior centers, community centers, places of worship and businesses have closed leaving many of us feeling anxious and lonely.

We need to stop and say thank you to all the state, county, and local officials, as well as clergy and other community leaders for making these difficult but necessary decisions to protect the health of our community. Just keep thinking about the lives they’re saving by taking these hard steps. We need to also thank our healthcare professionals and first responders for their commitment and service to our community.

To all the many individuals and families in our community, thank you for all the sacrifices these steps will require.

In this time of anxiety and fear, please offer grace. Check on family, friends, and neighbors. We are all facing hardship; however, some families may lose their livelihoods or loved ones.

We’ll get through this. After all, we have each other and The Mountain.


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