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100 Days and A Bold Rural Agenda


The ballots are out and it is time to Be A Voter! Make sure to return your ballot by August 4.

Today marks a 100 days to November 3, election day. I bet you are counting down the days until your email inbox is not full of political emails from candidates, some you support and some you do not, asking you for money and your vote. I know that I am.

I would rather be talking about the 100 days after November 3. Let’s begin with November 4 and say that our hard work and your support has gotten me elected and I will be your next State Representative. What will I be doing?

I will be rolling up my sleeves and working for you! I will be reaching out to workers, businesses, non-profits, and legislators that I have current relationships with so that we can hit the ground running when session starts. If I do not have a relationship with someone – I will reach out to build it. I will reach out to other rural legislators from both sides of the aisle, so that we can begin discussing a BoldRural Agenda that will address the needs of those not living in or around the big cities of Washington State. We cannot afford to be left out of this recovery like we were the last one. We need to have an aggressive plan and we need it on day 1 of the 2021 session.

We are at a critical moment in the campaign where you could make a huge difference. Your donation of $100, $200 or $350 to our campaign can be the difference between a Bold Rural Agenda and the 35th LD being left behind once again.

Our final deadline of this race is just days away and we have an ambitious goal of raising $7,000 online by the end of the month. I’m asking for your help.

These next 100 days are important, but not nearly as important as the 100 days that begin November 4. Please help me get there – so I can work for you.



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