Creating and Sustaining Jobs

Our region’s economic growth should benefit all of us. I will fight for an economy that works for everyone. In Olympia, I will:

  • Stand with Washington workers and work to create better paying jobs with benefits

  • Work to bring Clean Energy jobs to our district

  • Fund affordable childcare for workers

  • Protect small family business and farms

Improving Rural Broadband

Internet access is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Broadband should be treated like a public utility and available to everyone at an affordable cost. Fast and reliable internet access will enable us to: 

  • Attract new manufacturing and high-tech jobs 

  • Support our existing businesses and schools that are shifting to online platforms 

  • Allow more opportunity for workers to work from home

  • Increase the access to and reliability of Tele-Healthcare


Championing Our Schools

As a graduate of both a Community College and a State University and as a public-school parent, I am committed to ensuring that all students in our community can access the quality education they need to succeed. This includes:

  • Funding for early childhood education and wrap around services for children with additional needs

  • Fully funded K-12 education

  • Affordable higher education

  • Increased access to job training and apprenticeship programs

Ensuring Affordable Care

In my 25 years in banking, finance, and risk management I have had a front row seat to the financial challenges facing families in our communities. I can tell you that the number one reason people file bankruptcy is the overwhelming burden of health care bills. We need leaders who recognize that both access and costs threaten our rural communities. Right now, we need to:

  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs and insurance co-pays

  • Increase funding for behavioral healthcare, including mental health treatment and substance use disorder

  • Begin creating a single-payer system that covers everyone affordably

  • Support efforts to address the shortage of healthcare providers by working with our Universities and local community colleges to give incentives to health care providers who serve rural communities


Creating More Affordable Housing

Our state cannot just focus on just ending homelessness in urban areas, we need to focus on ending homelessness in rural districts like ours as well. We need to: 

  • Attract developers by lowering risk and increasing returns on their investment   

  • Increase rural communities’ organizational capacity to purchase and manage property 

  • Help provide additional wrap around services for supportive housing homes. 

  • Simplify the Housing Trust Fund (HTF) application process making it easier for small communities to complete a competitive application. 


Advocating for Equality

I am a civil rights advocate that will fight for justice for everyone. We must:

  • Protect voting rights to ensure everyone has a voice in our democracy

  • Stand up for our immigrant neighbors, workers, family, and friends

  • Fight back against systemic racism by making sure that every piece of legislation has been reviewed through the lens of equity


Fighting for Clean Air and Water

Our district covers 1649 square miles of beautiful farmland, forests, and shoreline. I understand that our economic health relies on our environmental health. I will:

  • Encourage production of cleaner fuels and energy efficient construction

  • Ramp up renewable energy generation

  • Work together with the private sector to support the development of emerging technologies

  • Protect the Puget Sound and Hood Canal eco-systems to save our fish populations, aquatic birds, and sea mammals.

Darcy wants to hear from you

What are the issues you care about in our region? 

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