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Olympia School Board

District 3

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I grew up in Snohomish County, the daughter of a union laborer and a stay-at-home mom. When I started high school, we moved to southeast Kansas to be close to family. Even as a teenager, I knew the impact this move was having on my education. I continued on to community college and eventually earned a BS degree in Mass Communications from Kansas State University. 

As a military spouse, I've lived in five states and spent eight years in Germany. My oldest son changed schools at least five times, eventually graduating from high school in Stuttgart, Germany. I know what it means to navigate school systems. 

25 years ago, I moved to Olympia, remarried and together my husband and I have guided three graduates through the Olympia School District. Each of their experiences were different and all three required us to work with teachers, administrators, and counselors to make sure our kids received the help they needed to graduate.

With 20 years as a military spouse, 25 years of banking, finance and risk management employment, and nine years as the Resource and Communications Director at The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd, I have plenty of experience helping people come together during crisis situations around common values to find solutions. Now, I am ready to roll up my sleeves to continue this work for our kids, families, and schools by serving as your representative on the Olympia School Board.

As a School Board Director, I will work to ensure our district focuses on what our students need: mastering essential skills, their social emotional well-being, equity, and closing the opportunity gap. I believe that this is our opportunity to finally make public education work for ALL our families.

I will also work to improve the communication between School Board members, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents. The success of any organization depends on people listening to one another and working together to find common ground solutions. Because EVERY KID deserves the best from their community. 

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